Steering Sustainability


"While corporate boards are assuming more responsibility for oversight of conduct and taking account of specific social and environmental issues, citizenship is not yet fully embedded into boards or the operating structures and systems of most firms" MORGAN, RYU AND MIRVIS 2009

The past decade has seen a growing interest in the social and environmental activities of public companies. But surprisingly little attention has been paid to the internal structures and processes that support and encourage sustainable business practice.

With this in mind, Catalyst commissioned the Centre for Corporate Governance to report on the governance arrangements in place in leading Australian public listed companies. Specifically the project looked at what steps are being taken by companies to integrate social and environmental benchmarks into business strategy and reward systems within their firms.

The research shows that companies are creating governance structures to support and lead sustainability initiatives. At the same time, negative publicity for several of the companies in the research showed that disclosure frameowrks are just one - albeit important - part of the sustainability chain.

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